About Us

  • Established to equip job hunters with exceptional skills and capabilities, Parcel Press Jobseeker’s Forum helps you to improve your potentials so you can come out as the best in the competition.

Knowing that applying for a job nowadays has become more and more competitive, you will not feel alone with our interactive approach of teaching you the best way we could to present yourself in the company you wish to work for. With all things equal, we will work it out for you to have the cutting edge over everybody in the competition.

In some instances during job applications, some jobseekers are already short-listed upon submitting their application letters and resumes’s. For some luckier applicants, they undergo interviews but fail to wrap up the whole process with an employment contract. For someone who has experienced this over and over again, it is truly disheartening and can cause loss of self-esteem

We definitely do not want this to happen to you. We have the most experienced team to assist you to be prepared. We have effective approaches on how you can write convincing application letters and resumes’s and we will teach you how to perform well in interviews. All in all, we are here to repackage you.