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General FAQs

Do you accept returns?

Sorry! This ainít no Macyís Department Store.

Can I be your intern?

How serious are you?

Does Parcell Press still offer free shipping on orders over $30?

Yes, this is true.† All US orders equal to or greater than $30 will have a free shipping option at checkout.† Bear in mind that the free shipping offered is Media Mail and your package may take up to two weeks to arrive.† You are more than welcome to select and purchase the Priority Mail option if you'd like to receive your order more quickly.

What kind of things does Parcell Press publish?

Parcell Press aims to publish books that educate, enlighten, and empower, books that are well-conceived pieces of interesting print art that are both visually stimulating and well-written be they comics or prose. This is an endeavor committed to amplifying voices and supporting artistic and literary innovation in the traditional and non-traditional print medium.

Will Parcell Press publish my zine or comic or book?

I'm always interested in new publishing projects. If you have an idea that you'd like to pitch to me, send a very sincere and thoughtful e-mail or letter. If you expect me to take you seriously, please try your best to communicate clearly to me about the project you have in mind -- if I wanted text message style book proposals, I'd give you my cell phone number. Currently, Parcell Press distributes far more titles than it publishes. With careful planning, this will be changing, but not very quickly. At this point, 100% of the work bearing the PP imprint is generated by friends and acquaintances with whom I have an established and trusting relationship.

Where is Parcell Press located?

Currently, Parcell Press is headquartered in two locations.† I run the day-to-day operations from a little apartment in the Bella Vista neighborhood of Philadelphia, where I live with my wife Juliette and our dog Elvis.† When it comes time to slap ink on paper and make some books, zines, posters, flyers, handbills, business cards, memo pads or any other clever piece of printed matter, I run an offset press with my friend and collaborator Travis Robertson in a workspace, clubhouse, and secret fortress located in the alleyway in old Richmond, Virginia, a good home for a slow-talking southern boy such as yours truly.

I heard about something awesome that you should probably be selling. How can I make a product suggestion?

Just send an e-mail to me at Give me as much information as you have and Iíll look into it. Iíve got some ways.

How long have you been doing this?

The original Parcell Press website went live in December of 2003. Iíve been reading and writing zines since the mid-nineties, which feels like forever ago already!

Is Parcell Press available to attend or participate in the event Iím organizing?

Probably! Parcell Press regularly attends small publishing conferences, conventions, festivals, and fairs for books, zines, comics, and independent print art. Iíve also made visits to classrooms and libraries to give talks, do workshops, and help organize programs for youth and grownups. Given the current cost of transportation in North America, however, itís a lot more difficult for me to afford getting away from the East Coast, but if youíre serious about extending an invitation to me Iím sure we can work something out.

Can you tell me how to make a zine? How to publish my comic book?

Self-publishing is truly a process of self-education. The best way to learn how to make a zine or publish your work is to give it a shot! Most zinesters and artists begin by photocopying pages of their stories or work to create a small zine with a finished size of 8.5" x 5.5" - that's a sheet of standard 8.5" x 11" paper folded in a half. Once you get your hands dirty, you'll easily recognize the many other sizes and styles of zines you can experiment with. You may also find that photocopying has its limitations (after all, it isn't archival and does not involve ink at all; contrary to popular belief, photocopier toner is actually melted pieces of plastic). Many seasoned self-publishers find that printing their zines and comics and books through offset, letter press, and even screen printing methods yields a more fascinating, attractive, and personal artifact worth cherishing.

My best advice to aspiring zinesters is to read and admire as many zines as they can, noting the different styles and approaches their creators used in crafting the zines. You may even want to take one apart to understand the page layout, arrangement, and visualize how you would go about aseembling one of your own. Once you've become so heartily inspired and excited, go to town making your first zine. It's a great experience for people of all ages and with all levels of talent.

I have created a zine/book/comic! I am sending forty copies to you right away! Right?

No, no, please! It is true that in its first few years, Parcell Press accepted unsolicited stock for sale on consignment. This was a great way to build up the Parcell Press catalog and help a lot of zinesters connect with readers, a lot of artists reach an audience, and for me to make a lot of great contacts in the independent publishing world. However, as my sales started to plateau, I realized that I was being inundated with material to unpack, price, photograph, catalog, list, and store Ė far more pounds of paper were arriving than were disappearing, and in a burst of clarity I determined that the longer this went on, the worse it would become. I remain wholeheartedly committed to every self-publisherís right to an audience, and I carry with me a deep desire to continue Parcell Press as a helpful resource for as many artists and writers as possible, but to be overtaken by clerical detail restricts my ability to do what I do best: support the art of zine creation, book writing, printmaking, and independent print media, and put a whole lot of paper artifacts into the hands of those who seek them.

I hear you run an offset print shop, is this true?

Yes. I love it. Contact me if you want to talk about it, or if you have some creative printing needs.

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