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While the publishing house arm of Parcell Press is a fresh baby of a project, it is the ultimate objective and pride and joy of this little empire. Distributing works of print art is Parcell Press's bread-and-butter, but influencing the conception and creation of pieces of print art, be they literary or visual, topical anthologies or DIY guides, novels or graphic novels, is the opportunity through which this Parcell Press and its creative community can more effectively contribute to the body of work that surrounds and inspires us.

I'm most interested in publishing work from friends or people who, through a history of self-publishing, have proven their voices to to be unique and important. That said, if you feel that you have a project that may be a successful addition to the Parcell Press family, you are welcome to contact me. If you'd like to be taken seriously, please be prepared to make a compelling proposal. Also bear in mind that at this stage especially, resources and money are very limited for the publishing aspect of Parcell Press, so most projects, even if promising, may not be feasible.

The Parcell Press catalog of releases:

Ms. Films DIY Guide to Film & Video, 3rd Edition (Niku Arbabi, editor)
February 2006, 1st printing
January 2007, 2nd printing

Some bookstores may wish to purchase the above title through our friends at AK Press.

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