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Hello, I'm Taylor and I started Parcell Press in December of 2003 after about ten years of active participation in the zine community. I was a student in Fredericksburg, Virginia, searching for a project that would anchor me in my passions, keep me productive, and serve as a fitting complement to my little life of books, friends, and creative projects. Through Parcell Press I planned to distribute as many zines and self-published books and comics as I could; to place them in the hands of eager readers, and inspire others to participate in the creative process. I wanted to use Parcell Press as a medium through which I could continue to write and create, help to finance my friends' publishing pursuits, and contribute in a meaningful way to the ethereal space where zines, comics, independent publishing, printmaking, art and design, and academics intersect.

Today, Parcell Press has grown to be a sustainable, independent distribution and publishing project for me. I've distributed thousands of titles to thousands of readers and appreciators of print art. Under the Parcell Press imprint I've financed, printed, marketed, and distributed a handful of titles that focus on creative empowerment and fascinating pieces of print art that are both visually stimulating and well-written be they comics or prose. This is an endeavor committed to amplifying voices and supporting artistic and literary innovation in the traditional and non-traditional print medium.

I remain respectful and supportive of a community of print art and continue to challenge mainstream media and promote self-published work, routing comics, zines, and independent books into new hands, educate people about the art of self-publishing, help this community sustain itself, and challenge zinesters, artists, independent publishers and readers to consider zines a more valid artform.

Parcell Press began distributing zines from a bedroom on Parcell Street in Fredericksburg, and has bounced around a bit since. Today, I run Parcell Press in the day-to-day from a tiny office in a small apartment in the Bella Vista neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA, where I live with Juliette and Elvis.  I also still do a great deal of work from the Archaic Mess Print Studio, located in an alleyway in the Bellevue neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia.  In this space I can often be found standing behind the printing press, shown above, noisily putting ink on paper making all manner of printed matter en masse, collaborating with friend and artist Travis Robertson.

Thank you for supporting print art and the writers and artists behind it.
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