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Best Ever Feelings

July 31st, 2010

Running a printing press is my favorite thing. The smells aren’t always so hot, but the sights and sounds can’t be beat. The cacophony of moving machine parts, belts, and springs seems unnaturally able to result in such precision and beauty.  There’s something poetic and reckless about each print job. Every one of them at one point feels impossible; the intimidation of the challenge never truly acknowledged until the prints are dry and the press is cleaned. I’ve done it hundreds of times and still I’m thrilled and surprised when the job is not only done, but also looks great.

It’s a weird,  ugly-sounding orchestra, and I’m the conductor. I like it so much.

Cranky Pants (L. Gunzel & L. Forgione) coming off the press. July 10-11. CVaMMS, Richmond, VA.

Cranky Pants (L. Gunzel & L. Forgione) coming off the press. July 10-11. CVaMMS, Richmond, VA.

Philadelphia Inquirer

April 24th, 2009

Philadelphia’s own Katie Haegele — who I’m happy to say is one of my great zine friends and one of the most talented writers I know — was recently invited to write a piece for the Philadelphia Inquirer about her experience crafting and publishing her book Obsolete, which, you may have heard, is a member of the Parcell Press Special Collection.

Of course I’d like you to go read the article because I’m proud and flattered that Katie gave Parcell Press a little shout out.  But mostly, I think Katie’s depiction of the art of self-publishing does us all justice without giving too much away.  And what’s more, she smartly addresses the somewhat exhausted question that every mega-media audience loves to ask: “Aren’t zines being murdered by the Internet?” or, basically, why the hell are you doing this when you can just write a blog.

See here:
How a local poet publishes, from zines to the Internet (Philadelphia Inquirer, 19 April 2009)

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