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Special Collections Additions #7, #8

July 10th, 2011

Don’t be fooled by the time elapsed since my last inductions to the Parcell Press Special Collection. A great many hard-hitting, impressive, popular, and unique titles have come through the ranks in the last year or so. And, as always, each and every piece carried by Parcell Press has my personal stamp of approval. But to be honest, as the catalog grows and improves, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish the especially noteworthy from the rest of the selection. Imagine it as hunting for the shiniest piece of gold among a field of gold. Not a bad situation in which to find yourself, but a tricky thing to accomplish nonetheless.

Well, after careful observation over the last year, today’s two inductees — Lucia Gunzel’s Cranky Pants and Corinne Mucha’s My Every Single Thought — have proven themselves as glimmery and shiny beyond their peers.

I am proud to have been in charge of the production for Lucia Gunzel’s Cranky Pants. Lucia and her talented illustrator, Louis Forgione were both a pleasure to work with, and their passion for finally completing and self-publishing their collaborative project — which remained unpublished for some time before Summer 2010 — was contagious. I did my best to pour into the production of the book the same level of detail, fun, and enthusiasm as they injected into its creation. The finished product is a book that has broken established Parcell Press sales records and garnered much attention within the field of childrens literature. Is it a great book for any kid in your life? Yes. They’ll love the story and the pictures. Is it suited for a grown person? Of course. But the popularity alone has fashioned this to the Parcell Press Special Collection. There are rumors of a sequel. Let’s hope they’re true.

Corinne Mucha is a Chicago-based illustrator whose work can be seen in many forms, including her Xeric-funded book My Alaskan Summer, The Shortpants Observer #1, and more. I even happened to see a full-page piece by Corinne on the front cover of the Style section of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Uncanny! Her artwork is witty, charming, and her stories are funny and familiar, making for comics that are easy to recommend and fun to read. My Every Single Thought has continued to be wildly popular for all of these reasons. This book, Corinne writes in the introduction, “chronicles the author’s attempt to get over an old relationship, and come to terms with a saucy new label — single.” A common experience, Corinne presents her illustrated anecdotes as unique and lighthearted and yet they can be related to easily. As the comic has consistently done well in the Parcell Press catalog for so long and continues to attract attention from new and returning Parcell Press customers, it is a natural addition to the Special Collection. One glimpse at its pages will win you over.

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