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Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia’s own Katie Haegele — who I’m happy to say is one of my great zine friends and one of the most talented writers I know — was recently invited to write a piece for the Philadelphia Inquirer about her experience crafting and publishing her book Obsolete, which, you may have heard, is a member of the Parcell Press Special Collection.

Of course I’d like you to go read the article because I’m proud and flattered that Katie gave Parcell Press a little shout out.  But mostly, I think Katie’s depiction of the art of self-publishing does us all justice without giving too much away.  And what’s more, she smartly addresses the somewhat exhausted question that every mega-media audience loves to ask: “Aren’t zines being murdered by the Internet?” or, basically, why the hell are you doing this when you can just write a blog.

See here:
How a local poet publishes, from zines to the Internet (Philadelphia Inquirer, 19 April 2009)

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