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Like a circadian rhythm, Artnoose publishes Ker-bloom bi-monthly, writing, creating, and distributing issues with the habit of a periodic call down home, or an occasional but regular letter to a friend.  Each short issue is carefully written — a single essay consisting of observations and personal analysis — and carefully and skillfully letter press printed by Artnoose herself.  Each issue follows a similar physical format: twelve small pages of nice paper with type bites, a multi-color cover in nice cover stock, and the carefully pencilled print number and edition total.  It’s a format that reflects three things found in each issue’s writing as well: style, taste, and practicality.  As she’s written before, Artnoose relies on the regular publication of Ker-bloom for her own sense of balance and well-being, but whether she knows — or will ever believe — that the consistency of her write-print-share rhythm also brings relief and pleasure to her readers remains to be seen.

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