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Mail Call #2

January 24th, 2009

Stamp Spread

Uh oh, what’d I do?  I spent this month’s shipping budget on postage stamps.  Why’d I do that?  Because postage stamps are beautiful little print critters and I think the outgoing Parcell Press packages will look better wearing them than wearing a sticker from the post office counter.

Mail Call #1

January 9th, 2009

Mail Call

Not to brag or anything, but I get some really awesome mail.  Always have.  As an enterprising and epistolizing youth, I attempted to create a pen pal network so vast, I hoped, that I’d barely have time enough to attend elementary school with all of the letters I needed to write.  I’ve gone through various mail-related obsessions, but for nearly two decades I’ve been a regular mailbox-checker, a post-office-line-stander, and generally, a postal enthusiast. Mail art?  Love it!  The Committee of Correspondence?  One of my favorite nuggets of the history of the American Revolution!  A long-standing obsession with philately? Check.  (Thanks, Dad!) Dear Mr. Henshaw?  You know, I didn’t really like that one so much, but mostly because you never got read Mr. Henshaw’s response.  Oh, and there weren’t envelopes to open and stamps to collect.

In any case, I’ve had countless keys to countless Post Office boxes, and currently I’ve got two on my ring; one each for a box in both towns in which there exists a Parcell Press Bureau (that’s Philadelphia and Richmond if you weren’t aware).  Sending packages out and bringing mail home every day is one of the pleasant little rhythms I abide by.

Thus begins the newest Parcell Press Blog Series, “Mail Call,” in which I feature photos of some of the pretty mail I bring home and send out, or even some other postal-related excitement.

The box photographed above contains copies of the brand new Bullshit Frank & Gorilla Joe by Michaela Colette Zacchilli!  Check the new catalog additions on Tuesday, January 13 to see it first hand.  Thanks for the great mail, Mickey!

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