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Special Collection Additions #3, #4

December 26th, 2008

Obsolete and Restcure Revival are the latest zines to be added to the glorious ranks of the Parcell Press Special Collection.  Not only have these zines been remarkably popular in the last few months, but they’ve impressed me in more than a few ways.

Katie Haegele has been writing zines since at least 2003 when I first met her at the Philly Zine Fest.  I meet a lot of people at zine fests and often, unfortunately, I either forget a name-face combination or just never really hear again from someone who seems to emit a limitless amount of enthusiasm for writing, self-publishing, creating, and reading zines.  Katie was showing off her zine Word Math, which surprised me as one of very few poetry zines that was both engaging and unique.  This was the early zine work of a writer already very well practiced and very passionate.  Katie has since produced such classics as Hallowing of a House, The La-La Theory, White Blackbirds, and many more.  A truly talented storyteller who adores and perfects her craft, Katie is a particularly passionate and accessible poet.  Her self-published book of poems, Obsolete, was released in March of 2008 and has turned quite a few heads since.  Not only is it very well-conceived — a collection of 26 separate poems each inspired by an antiquated English word — but it is beautifully designed and masterfully printed (if I may say so myself).  Leave it to Katie Haegele to push the envelope on self-publishing and to successfully package her very unique voice into something both rugged, professional, and independent.

I have to come clean: Travis Robertson and Max Hubenthal are my tight Virginia homies; they’re exceptionally talented printmakers with whom I continue to share a print studio in North Richmond,  and so you can call me biased, but there’s no question that they’re really two of the most exciting illustrators and artists that I know.  When we’re all fortunate enough that these two dudes are living in the same town, Travis and Max collaborate on illustrations, printing methods, and the construction of their books.  Restcure Revival, a product of this collaboration, is a fun and complicated zine (or piece of book art, even) that combines printing methods and styles in such a way that three mini comic zines become a single book, and that one oversized poster screen print becomes its cover.  As many print art enthusiasts have already, when you approach Restcure Revival, you’ll find something like a Russian doll that becomes bigger as it gets smaller, and the result of print artisans’ obsession.

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