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Parcell Press Special Collection

Parcell Press Special Collection

Through Parcell Press, I have a long history of offering a vast number of fascinating zines, comics, art pieces, and books to an equally vast and fascinating audience of readers and collectors with awesome taste in print art.  Every one of these little constructions is special and exciting in one way and/or another.  Over the years, though, a select bunch of  titles have really hit a collective sweet spot with purveyors of fine zines.  These are the ones that seem to be included in everyone’s order, the zines I can barely keep enough copies of in stock to match the demand.  These are the ones I recommend to everyone who asks, the ones I place at the front of my zine fest table and point to first when someone casually asks, “What’s good?”

Longtime customers may remember a fantastic zine by the name of One Fine Mess, written by Erin & Dan, or Christoph Meyer’s timeless classic mini comic The Heart Star.  Titles like these deserve the attention they receive.  There are more, many more.  And many more to come.

It is thus that I introduce you to the Parcell Press Special Collection.  Henceforth, my discerning readers, I’ll be adding even more shine to the shimmer of these best-selling, much-loved, and wonderfully special titles.  Do not confuse these titles with just any in my catalog, which is full of 100% quality.  Neither should you confuse these with the Staff Picks, which are my way of suggesting to you which pieces in my catalog I personally find to be particularly charming.  The Special Collection titles are a caliber unto themselves:  pieces of print art that are remarkably popular among you and your kind, and deservedly so.

Tomorrow I add the first two titles to the Parcell Press Special Collection.  

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